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Current charges for interment and other servies provided by Clovery Woods Of Rest
Description price
Pre-death agreement (Single) £550.00
Family pre-death agreement (first resting place)
Additional resting places side by side (each)
Ground preparation and reinstatement of resting place.
Includes free use of the hall for the celebration of life (This service is not available for pre-purchase)
Post-death agreement (single) to include digging and backfilling and use of the hall £1,140.00
Scattering of ashes (pre-death)
Ground preparation(including planting of bulbs)
Scattering of ashes (post-death)
Interment of ashes (pre-death)
Ground preparation(including planting of bulbs)
Interment of ashes (post-death)

Prices correct at time of printing now 02. 11. 15 More Information
Pre-death agreements may be purchased by manageable instalments. Details on request.
Once purchased and confirmed there will be no supplements or other charges added to pre-death agreements, although digging and backfilling will be charged at the rate applicable at the time of request for interment.

Clovery Woods of Rest is an accredited member of the Association of Nature Reserve Burial Grounds

c/o The Natural Death Centre,
In the Hill House,
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