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Press Release 13th May 2013

Local Natural Burial Ground wins people’s hearts

In a unique new award based on the experience of bereaved families across the UK, Clovery Woods of Rest near Fyvie, in Aberdeenshire has been named the as the best Natural Burial Ground in Scotland.
The Natural Death Centre Charity scrutinised the written accounts of experiences of over a thousand members of the public who had buried a family member in a natural burial ground as part of The People’s Awards for the best Natural Burial Ground in the UK 2013.
Unlike other awards which grade facilities available on sites or cover environmental issues, The People’s Awards are all about the personal service received when someone arranges a burial in a natural burial ground, and the impact that the manager or owner had on the bereaved families that they helped.
“Alexander and Fiona Rankin, founders of Clovery Woods of Rest, were consistently mentioned by families in their feedback forms for their attention to detail and their thoughtfulness,” said Rosie Inman Cook, manager of the Natural Death Centre.
“Time and again, families mentioned how kind and compassionate they were and that is what The People’s Awards are based on – the human touches that make all the difference at a time of great sadness.”
“We are delighted to be able to name Clovery Woods of Rest as the best natural burial ground in Scotland, on behalf of the many people who choose it as the final resting place for someone they love.”

“We’re delighted at winning this award,” said Alex Rankin, “Clovery Woods of Rest is the first privately owned, eco-friendly green burial service available in Scotland and it’s wonderful to feel we are able to bring some comfort to the families who choose us.”

Clovery Woods of Rest is located near the historic and beautiful village of Fyvie. The site has been transformed into a tranquil and peaceful sanctuary for many species of wildlife. Clovery Woods is truly a place of spiritual and natural beauty. The purchase of a resting place at Clovery Woods of Rest costs £450, with a fee of £380 payable for the preparation and reinstatement of the ground when the burial takes place. The free use of the hall for the celebration of life is also included.

Sample comments received from families’ feedback forms:

“Not one thing could be improved. Nothing could be better, first class throughout.”
“A sad day turned into a joyous occasion….. a totally memorable occasion helped by the efforts of Mr Rankin.”
“Everything was perfect.”
“Particularly liked the courtesy of Mr Rankin.”
“Clovery Wood is the best burial ground I have ever experienced. Mr Rankin is so kind and respectful, it made two hard losses a little easier.”
“Thoughtful, considerate, efficient.”

Background to the Awards

Every family arranging a funeral at one of the Association of Natural Burial Ground member sites is given the opportunity to fill in a feedback form for return to the NDC as part of compliance with the ANBG Code of Conduct. Earlier this year, over a thousand forms were scrutinised and analysed to determine which sites were rated most highly by families who had used them, and eight regional winners were unanimously chosen by the judges. There are over fifty members of the ANBG, with the majority of the UK privately owned natural burial grounds belonging to the Association. The overall winner of The Best Natural Burial Ground in the UK 2013 will be announced in June.

Clovery Woods of Rest is an accredited member of the Association of Nature Reserve Burial Grounds

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