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We are holding a candlelight vigil on Sunday 16th December at 3pm to remember loved ones laid to rest here.

Family members and friends are welcome. We will have a short meeting in the Hall with light refreshments then place our candles under the trees at sunset. Please bring a jam jar (candles will be provided), let me know if you are coming and how many will be in your group as places are limited.

Phone Fiona on 07787706827

The details can also be found on Facebook: Clovery Woods of Rest

We received the runner-up award for the Best Natural Burial Ground in the north of England and Scotland area in April.

We are opening up a new section in which the grass will not be cut as short for those who would prefer a less manicured area.

We now have toilet facilities for those attending funerals.

A noticeboard has gone up inside the hall where it will be seen from outside and will show the locations of those buried here.

Forthcoming Events

In December we are hoping to have another candlelight vigil for those with relatives or a loved one resting here.

Clovery Woods of Rest is an accredited member of the Association of Nature Reserve Burial Grounds

c/o The Natural Death Centre,
In the Hill House,
Watley Lane
SO21 1QX
(Tel 01962 712 690)